• Planer Grader Optimizer/Graderless

    With 33 systems sold, VAB Solutions Planer Mill Grader Optimizer is and will be the best solution for Planer Mills, today and tomorrow.
    System with a fast ROI between 4 to 10 months.

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    The Mechanical, electrical and software stability of the TMG, ensures consistency allowing it to offer the best performance in MSR in the Industry with a correlation coefficient (R²) of 0.89

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  • Flx 400-800 ou 900 Bending bench test

    VAB Solutions offers you the full range of bending test benches that will meet your needs in terms of load capacity required to ensure the quality of all your products.

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  • Ring Analyser for Dense Selected Structural (DSS)

    The Ring Analyser is a unique vision system to VAB Solutions that inscreases the Dense Selected Structural (DSS) grade production. The DSS is more stable and it is structurally the strongest grade of lumber for SYP. Grade more DSS Lumber, a high value grade.

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  • Dynamic Weight Sorter

    Decreases in drying time by 10% to 15%. Increases drying quality and reducing its over-drying. The only system that analyzes the very green and frozen wood.  Reliable, low maintenance system.  Easy to install in a weekend.  Simple calibration done in minutes. Minimizes drying defects such as warp, checks and dimensional variations


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    The new transverse sawmill optimizer uses the projection of a unique continuous laser line tomeasure the quality of the fibre and to allow detection and trimming of pieces with soft decay.Furthermore, using uniquely angled sensor and combining multiple differential measurements,the technology is a significant leap in dimensional precision with both width and thicknessaccuracy in the +/-0.005 inch range, so precise that it allows the upstream monitoring of thesawing process for drift, mismatch, bevel cuts and other primary breakdowns defects.

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  • VAB Solutions Optimizer explained (french only)

    VAB Solutions Lineal Optimizer explained on a video at Scierie Leduc.  VABs first system installed 12 years ago.

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  • New head office for VAB Solutions in 2017

    VAB Solutions' management team is proud to announce to its business partners its decision to relocate its head office to the new high technology industrial park (Innoparc) in the City of Lévis in order to support its growth strategy. The $ 3 million investment required to complete this project will enable VAB Solutions to double its production capacity and make room for its new product line for both the sawmill and the planer mill.  The new building will double the current area from 12,000 to 24,000 square feet.

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  • « On behalf of Leduc sawmill, I sincerely thank VAB Solutions for its enthusiastic collaboration and efficiency. It's because of VAB's generous collaboration, and performance that our projects have achieved their objectives.»

    Mr Jean-Pierre Gagné Mill Manager, Leduc Sawmill, a division of White Birch Papers (Quebec, Canada)
  • "I want to thank VAB Solutions team for their proactive and efficient approach during the installation and start-up of our Planer Mill Lineal Grader Optimizer. The start of the optimizer and the option Full Grader was done in a few days only.  Our ROI has been very rapid for our mill. I would definitely recommend VAB Solutions team in the future. "

    Mr. Kevin Sexton President of Sexton Lumber, Newfoundland, Canada
  • «  I would like to thank VAB Solutions for its efficiency and its technical input in the project : Planer Mill Lumber Grading Optimizer. Thanks to the involvement of its team of engineers, VAB Solutions has exceed our expectations. Our ROI has been very rapid and important, we obtained a greater flow and less clogging in our production. We will not hesitate to recommend VAB Solutions team in the future. »

    Mr Daniel Marcoux Mill Manager, Abitibi Bowater, Petit Paris mill (Quebec, Canada)
  • "I want to thank VAB Solutions team for their proactive and efficient approach during the installation and start-up of our Planer Mill Lineal Grader Optimizer. The start of the optimizer and the option Full Grader was done in a few days only. Our Premium J-Grade gain observed went up to 7% and our trim loss went down to 5%. With more than 100 Million Board Feet of lumber annually our Pay Back is very fast.  VAB Solutions hold themselves to very high standards and their after service support is second to none. "

    M. Darryl Stastook Mill Manager, FootHills Forest Products, Grande Cache, Alberta
  • "In 2015 we purchased a Planer Grader Optimizer from VAB Solutions. We already had other brands in our other mills. We decided to stop our choice on VAB Planer Grader Optimizer for our Chertsey site for several reasons:

    1- After the analysis of our return on investment realized with VAB Solutions

    2- Due to the simplicity of the system, very compact dimension and its minimal components

    3- Following the good references that we have received from their customers for both the quality of the system and their services

    In summary, after analysis it was the system that offered Groupe Crête the best price and best recovery/ overall best ROI. One year after installing our VAB optimizer, we acquired the tracheid module and subsequently the Air Board Tracker module. This demonstrates our level of satisfaction. "

    M. Dominic Venne, Groupe Crête, Québec


    Mr Dominic Venne Production & Quality Superintendant