Planer Grader Optimizer/Graderless

VAB Solutions has successfully positioned in the industry a new class of complete Planer Mill Grading Optimizer. VAB Solutions Automated grading system quickly became the tool of choice in the lumber industry with more than 36 systems sold. This system procures important benefits allowing a rapid Return on Investment:

They talked about the system:

Tracheid and AirBoard Tracking upgrade at Edgewood Forest Productsvab-upgrade-trach-airboard.pdf

VAB Solutions Scanner on the front page of the Canadian Forest Industries Magazine

FootHills Forest Products installation on the Canadian Wood Products Magazine



  • Distinguished by its small foot print and easiness of integration into existing production lines;
  • Allows an increased production by eliminating the time required by the graders needs to analysis all boards;
  • Decreases the Trim Loss (more wood volume);
  • Reduces the need for labor: one position per shift;
  • Allows to manage multiple grades in one recipe;
  • Increases the amount of Premium grades;
  • Increases the amount of #2 and better;
  • Decreases the amount of #3 and Economy grade;
  • Comes with a limited number of computers, one for the cameras, one for the warp module and one for the optimization process;
  • Requires only one permanent annual calibration.




  • Lumber size : 1x3 to 1x6, 2x3 to 2x10, 3x3 and 4x4;
  • Lumber length : 4 to 20 feet;
  • Scan density : 0,25 inch;
  • Speed: Unlimited;
  • Length measurement accuracy : 0,060 inch;
  • Size measurement accuracy : 0,005 inch;
  • Wane measurement accuracy : 0,015 inch;


-High speed and high resolution cameras;

-high performance lasers;

-Accurate profile measurements for board dimensions, wane, holes, shake and splits;

-Detailed grey scale image on 4 faces for white speck, decay and stain detection;

-Unique Fiber orientation measurement module for knots, grain distortion and compression wood.

Permanent calibration (Once a year check)


Download the technical specifications (PDF)