Gains in Material Yield

Compact Footprint

Consistent Efficiency

Features :

Optimization system technology is adapted to the needs of the industry

  • Configurable sort options to provide a solution pattern for each sort bin.
  • Sorts by solution pattern using a complete Optimized solution generated for each log, not just sorting on size and taper.
  • True shape scanning at 1” scan density with up to 726 data points per scan.
  • Able to scan and solve with a minimal gap (less than 2 feet) at 350 fpm.
  • Full reporting capabilities by Product, by Log Length, by Sort Bin.
  • All hardware is connected by Ethernet (Lasers, PLC, Optimizer Computer). No expensive interface cards.
  • 5-year warranty on the laser heads.
  • Best price and service.

Technical Specs:

Field of view: 10’’ to 84’’ or 254mm to 1041 mm
Measurement accuracy: +/- 0,025’’ or 0.6mm
Scan rate : up to 850 profiles/secondes
Max speed: 800′ / minute
Operating temperature: -20ºC to 50ºC or 0ºF to 120ºF
Unique Warranty Defect of 5 years

Technical Specs

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