Versatile – Automatic or Manual

Multiple Color Marking

Easy to Install


  • Allows simultaneous multiple color marking
  • Multiple block valve housing allows for 2 to 5 valves
  • Manual synchronization of the marks without any plc programming
  • Ideal for transverse applications
  • Easy to install quick electric cable connector
  • Eliminates the use of compressed air

Setup Options

  • Aluminum modular mounting base to adapt vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  • Easy mark synchronization with rotation of the marking head.

Technical Specs

  • Power Supply: 24 VDC 120 VAC
  • Minimal cycle time: 8 ms
  • Operation pressure: 5 @ 70 psi
  • Lifetime: 20,000,000 cycles
  • Electrical protection for spikes
  • CSA certification

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