Multiple Product Programming

Easily program for different wood species, measurements, moisture content tolerances, weight and other custom specifications at the planer or sawmill.

Contact Free

Our contact-free systems mean no stoppage or downtime at the planer or sawmill while keeping the measurements more accurate.


Line speed of 200 boards per minute.


The system consists of a control unit and one or more sensors. Various wood attributes can be easily programmed in product programs such as:  the wood species, the dimensions, the specific weight, the admissible maximum and minimum moisture content of the wood and the appropriate corrective action to take when the moisture content is outside the limits.

  • No contact sensors for optimum accuracy
  • Integrated optical sensors for board detection
  • Line speed of 200 boards per minute
  • Fully automatic calibrations, no potentiometers
  • Board thickness up to 6 inches
  • Easy one step calibration
  •  Multiple alarms option

Technical Specs:

  • Input Power: 90/175 VAC (47: 440 Hz)
  • Line speed: 200 + pcs/min
  • Interface to PLC: RS 232 or RS 485
  • Max # of stocks: 36
  • Max # sensors connected to one console: 3
  • Report generator for PC and Printer
  • Calibration: One easy auto calibration
Technical SpecsTechnical Specs
Board on Planer

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