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NEW Pointer Projector System

By August 25, 2020No Comments

You are the proud owner / user of a VAB Planer Grader Optimizer including the Air Board Tracker (ABT), the Pointer Projector System (PPS) will bring additional benefits;

This new component is installed within the ABT structure and projects, in real-time, all relevant quality control information taken from the optimization. This can include; board dimensions, grade, moisture content and all other pertinent information.

Combined with the VAB “View Grade” Console, the PPS becomes a real-time control tool where the Lug-Loader Operator OR Quality Controller can at the same time, visualize all operations of the VAB Optimizer and easily achieve grade tests.

Some of the advantages are;

  • Quality Control tests done efficiently in minutes,
  • Grade Accuracy easily monitored,
  • Fast & Simple access to key information for mill staff,
  • Ensure mill profitability & productivity

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