Our Newest Addition to Our Lumber Grading System

Mounted above the tracking area in the Lumber Grading System, this unique, innovative technology visually follows the board and keeps it associated with its virtual ID number.

Save Money

Decrease your production downtime by eliminating contact and printing on boards. Reduce costs for marking consumables and hardware.

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate mistakes due to dark holes under the print area. The virtual number is assigned to the board by the Lumber Grading Optimizer. Even if the boards shift during production, the virtual number follows the board.

Save Time

Elimination of marking boards means no more time spent purchasing, operating, or maintaining marking equipment.


  • Replaces photocells
    • Infinite adjustments per product (e.g. Lug loader accumulation adjustments directly from the PLC)
    • No maintenance on photocells also means no production stoppage
  • ROI in months for most customers
  • Lug loader accumulation is automatically controlled by the Air Board Tracker cameras, like having an infinite number of virtual photocells.
  • 145 MMbf for a mill that produces 6 – 16 ft, 1,500 ft/min
  • Replaces the UV marking and reading system used to track boards with the Lumber Grading Optimizer

Most of our clients see value within weeks with our lumber grading system.

Savings Estimated at $250,000/year

UV Consumption estimated at $30,000/year

 Marking guns and reading system (maintenance & replacement) estimated at $20,000/year

100% Reading Accuracy : Quality gain $200,000/year

Simpler quality controls

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